Flowers are significant in Thanksgiving traditions, symbolizing gratitude, warmth, and the bountiful harvest. Beyond their decorative purpose, they enhance the festive ambiance of the holiday. However, their importance on Thanksgiving extends to commerce, with Thanksgiving floral sales experiencing a substantial annual increase. Individuals seek arrangements that capture the season's essence for their homes and dining tables.

According to Petal Republic, the United States spends $1.83 billion annually on cut flowers, and the global cut flower market is projected to grow by approximately 6.3% over the next five years, reaching $57.4 billion USD in 2024, up from $42.4 billion USD in 2019.

This rising demand for online floral purchases presents a valuable opportunity for revenue growth during the holiday season. Online retailers can seize this expanding market by offering Thanksgiving-themed floral products and employing effective marketing strategies. Don't miss connecting with customers eager to elevate their Thanksgiving celebrations.

It's worth noting that online and physical stores differ significantly. Let's delve deeper into these distinctions!

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Different Approaches: Thanksgiving Floral Sales in Physical and Online Stores

Here are the differences between physical and online flower stores in physical and online stores. Take a look.

1. Presentation

Physical Store: In a brick-and-mortar flower shop, customers can experience the vibrant colors, fragrances, and textures of fresh flowers firsthand. The presentation is tactile and immediate.

Online Store: Online flower stores rely on high-quality images to convey the appearance and appeal of their flower arrangements. Customers make decisions based solely on what they see on their screens.

presentation thanksgiving floral

2. Access and Convenience

Physical Store: Customers must visit the shop in person, which can be time-consuming, and selection may be limited to what's in stock.

Online Store: Online flower shops provide the convenience of browsing and ordering from anywhere, 24/7, with a broader range of floral options and delivery services.

access and convenience thanksgiving floral

3. Easy to Compare the Price

Physical Store: People naturally desire to give the finest and most unique flowers to their loved ones, but acquiring them from physical stores often means paying a premium. To compare prices and make an informed choice, one must invest significant time traveling from one store to another.

Online Store: Online platforms offer a convenient solution. Shoppers can effortlessly browse multiple online florist websites to find the best prices that align with their budget.

easy to compare the price thanksgiving floral

4. Access to Various Offers

Physical Store: Do you often find discounts in traditional floral shops? Chances are,but it is hard to find some.

Online Store: The common strategy employed by online florists to delight their customers and provide them with an incentive to return. Whenever you engage with an online florist, they go the extra mile to make your day memorable by offering exciting deals. They consistently offer discounts or complimentary additions to enhance your experience.

access to various offers thanksgiving floral

5. Customization of the Flowers

Physical Store: When you opt for a flower bouquet from a traditional brick-and-mortar floral shop, customization options are often limited. This limitation arises because these shops have pre-packaged their blossoms and are unable to unpack or incorporate additional accessories.

Online Store: They craft your bouquet only after you've reached out to them, and they make it a point to inquire about your preferences, enabling you to tailor it to your liking. During this interaction, you have the opportunity to specify every detail, from the type of flowers and added accessories to the choice of fragrance and even the style of gift packaging. While many florists typically deliver flowers in a bouquet style, some may offer alternative options such as vases or decorative boxes.

customization thanksgiving floral

Now that you have an idea about the differences between physical and online stores, you should have some strategies to be used to increase your online thanksgiving flower sales.

6 Tips for Soaring Thanksgiving Floral Sales in Your Online Store

Using AI tools to boost Thanksgiving flower sales might not be the first strategy that comes to mind for online sellers. In a world where traditional marketing techniques often take center stage, this unconventional approach promises to reshape how we approach the holiday season. While festivities and family gatherings remain at the heart of Thanksgiving, the synergy between AI and floral sales presents an unexpected and intriguing opportunity. So, as we dive deeper into the transformative possibilities of AI-powered tools like VirtuLook, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the innovative path we're about to explore in enhancing your Thanksgiving flower sales.

1. Wondershare Virtulook

wondershare virtulook

Wondershare Virtulook is an innovative platform tailored for florists. With its game-changing features, VirtuLook simplifies the process of showcasing Thanksgiving flowers online. One standout feature is its ability to automatically generate diverse backgrounds for various flower types, slashing flower photography costs while enhancing visual appeal.

With VirtuLook, you can swiftly generate unique backgrounds for different flower varieties. It also dramatically reduces expenses related to flower photography. Also, it maintains a consistent and professional look for your flower images.

Imagine effortlessly transforming a simple flower image into a Thanksgiving-themed masterpiece, all thanks to VirtuLook's automated background generation. Want to have an ideal Thanksgiving flower image to increase your sales? Virtulook’s provided these steps for you!

Step-by-Step for Generating Thanksgiving Flower Images

Here's a step-by-step procedure for generating Thanksgiving flower images:

Step1 Log In to VirtuLook

Visit the VirtuLook website and log in to your account. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for one.

wondershare virtulook guide
Step2 Access Product Photo Generation

Once logged in, you'll be in the VirtuLook dashboard. Click on the Generate Now on the Product photo generation tab or button to access this feature.

wondershare virtulook guide
Step3 Upload Your Thanksgiving Flower Image

Click on the Upload button to select the Thanksgiving flower photo you want to enhance. This will open a file dialog for you to locate and choose your image.

wondershare virtulook guide
Step4 Product Automatic Segmentation

After uploading your selected Thanksgiving flower photo, VirtuLook will automatically segment the image. Also, you can choose what part you want to keep.

wondershare virtulook guide
Step5 Adjust Settings

After uploading your image, you'll be presented with various settings and options. These may include options to enhance lighting, background, and composition. Adjust these settings according to your preferences.

wondershare virtulook guide
Step6 Use Virtulook Using Template to Generate Your Thanksgiving Flower

You can choose templates that you want for your image. The template I used is the VividFlora.

Once you're finished with your selected template, click on the Generate button. VirtuLook will process your image with the selected enhancements.

wondershare virtulook guide
Step7 Download Your Thanksgiving Flower Photo

After processing is complete, you'll be presented with the enhanced image. Click on the Download button to save it to your device.

wondershare virtulook guide

2. Email Marketing Campaigns

email marketing campaign

Craft personalized email marketing campaigns that highlight your holiday flower specials, promotions, and exclusive offers. Send out timely reminders to your subscriber list and previous customers to keep your brand top-of-mind during the holiday season.

According to HubSpot, 40% of B2B marketers consider email newsletters as the linchpin of their content marketing achievements, while 73% of millennials favor business communications delivered through email.

Moreover, nearly every consumer, standing at 99%, checks their email on a daily basis, making it the overwhelmingly preferred channel for receiving brand updates.

3. Social Media Advertising

social media advertising

Leverage the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to showcase your Thanksgiving flower arrangements. Use eye-catching visuals and targeted ads to reach potential customers interested in holiday floral arrangements.

It is confirmed that the expanding portion of holiday shopping weekend revenue is attributed to social media platforms, demonstrating a remarkable year-over-year surge of 240% in social commerce. Moreover, Facebook users are spending an average of $151, taking the lead in front of Pinterest with an average of $110 and Twitter with $$69.

4. Seasonal Website Decorations

seasonal website decorations

Update your website's design and content to reflect the holiday spirit. Incorporate Thanksgiving-themed banners, images, and promotional messages to create a festive online shopping experience.

According to Finmodelslab, the typical yearly income for seasonal decorations stores in the United States can fluctuate based on factors like location, store dimensions, product variety, and customer demand. Nevertheless, on average, these stores in the US typically generate around $1 million to $5 million in annual revenue.

5. Limited-Time Offers

limited time offer

Create a sense of urgency by offering limited-time promotions and discounts on your Thanksgiving flower collection. Emphasize that these offers are available for a short duration, encouraging customers to make a purchase sooner rather than later.

Floranext stated that businesses have made it a practice of mixing up coupons and promos to boost their retail sales. Almost 70% of consumers love receiving coupons. Online coupon users spend 24% more than regular shoppers; 66% of consumers are attracted to buy when there are discounts with the given product.

6. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

customer reviews and testimonials

Display positive customer reviews and testimonials prominently on your website. Authentic feedback from satisfied customers can build trust and credibility, increasing the likelihood of new customers choosing your floral arrangements for their holiday celebrations.

By implementing these five common yet effective strategies, you can enhance your online presence and boost holiday flower sales, ensuring a successful Thanksgiving season for your online flower business.

As per Dixa, a significant 93% of customers go through online reviews prior to making a purchase. Among them, 47% share their positive experiences, while a notable 95% vocally express their negative ones.


  • What are the most popular types of Thanksgiving floral arrangements?
    Popular Thanksgiving floral arrangements often feature warm and autumnal colors. Traditional choices include centerpieces with lilies and sunflowers,lilies and sunflowers.
  • How do I choose the right Thanksgiving floral arrangements for my online store's customers?
    Selecting the right arrangements involves considering your target audience's preferences and the latest floral trends. Offering a variety of traditional and contemporary options can cater to a broader customer base and boost sales.
  • Can I find Thanksgiving floral arrangements that support environmentally friendly practices when shopping online?
    Yes, there are online florists that offer eco-friendly Thanksgiving floral options. Look for florists that use sustainable sourcing and inquire about their environmental practices to make a conscious choice.

Final Word

VirtuLook's AI technology offers online florists a powerful tool to enhance Thanksgiving floral images and boost sales during the holiday season. By leveraging this innovative platform alongside the six tips provided in this article, online floral stores can create a successful Thanksgiving floral sales campaign, delighting customers and maximizing revenue. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your Thanksgiving floral sales with the help of AI technology.

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