If you’re running a jewelry business, you’re probably curious about the importance of model photography for your marketing efforts. You can trust that jewelry model photography can make or break your business.

Why? Because customers won’t buy your products if they can’t see them. Visuals are critical to business success in the internet-driven business landscape. Modern-day consumers want to see the products on your listings before they make purchasing decisions.

Do you know what’s crazy? Most online shoppers rely on visuals to decide whether to buy or not. Since your goal is to convert every visitor to a loyal customer, you must ensure you’re making the most out of your traffic-driving and conversion efforts.

With that in mind, read more about professional jewelry model photography and how to get it right.

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    1. It Lets You Display How Products Look When Worn
    2. It Gives Further Context About Your Products
    3. It Puts a Face on Your Products
    1. Find the Suitable Model for the Job
    2. Get Professional Makeup
    3. Find the Right Clothing Style
    4. Set Up Lighting
    1. Keep the Focus on the Jewelry
    2. Communicate With the Model
    3. Use the Model and Props to Set the Right Scene
    4. Edit Your Images
    5. Use AI Photo Tools to Generate Exceptional Images

Reasons Why Jewelry Model Photography Is Beneficial

professional jewelry model photography business benefits

Involving a live model in a jewelry photoshoot increases your chances of selling a product. Online buyers feel more inclined to buy an item online they can see it on a model. Immersive, top-quality visuals of a model wearing your products drive potential prospects to buy items from your collection.

Moreover, model photography gives customers a real-life sense of what they’re buying, how your products look on a real person, their size, shape, etc. Since shoppers can’t try on your products, they want to know everything about them before spending their hard-earned money.

They want to be absolutely sure your products will look good on them. The only way to convince them and drive their doubts away is by showing impeccable jewelry model photos. Here are some benefits of a jewelry model shoot for your brand.

1. It Lets You Display How Products Look When Worn

When buying any product or service online, internet users want to ensure their money is well spent. In other words, they need assurance that they will receive products that are precisely as they anticipated – the same quality, color, shape, and size.

Jewelry model photoshoot provides you with realistic, high-end visuals that help your target audience visualize what your jewelry products will look when being worn in real life.

They allow you to display how products look on a person. Shoppers can get an immersive visualization of what they will feel when wearing your products. If the feeling is right, they’ll buy.

2. It Gives Further Context About Your Products

Adding model shots to your product pages can do wonders for your conversion rates and help you turn over 80% of visitors into customers. Jewelry photography allows you to provide further context about your products by offering customers everything they need to know to make an informed decision.

Professional jewelry photos empower your marketing efforts by helping customers visualize your products, their shape, size, color, etc. More importantly, they allow internet shoppers to imagine how your products would fit their lifestyles. That’s why jewelry model photography has such immense power of persuasion over online consumers.

3. It Puts a Face on Your Products

Putting a pretty face on your products helps you convey your brand’s aesthetic and style through photography to entice your target audience. It’s a convenient and efficient way to educate online buyers on your jewelry scales.

They can easily visualize the accurate appearance and size of your jewelry items on them by viewing how your products fit on a real person. Viewing a person wearing your jewelry in photos make your products more appealing.

Modeled photos also help you enlarge your products to emphasize their luxury and worth, thus allowing your target audience to connect with your brand identity.

Essential Aspects of Jewelry Model Photography

Getting started with the logistics of a jewelry photoshoot with a model has been challenging for many jewelry brands. If you struggle to get your jewelry model shoot right, here are some essentials to help piece all the elements together and create breathtaking photos.

  • Find the Suitable Model for the Job

The first step is to find a suitable model for your jewelry shots. You may find this step a bit difficult due to so many options at your disposal. Start by considering what model fits your brand image and identity. Some brands prefer models in the European style, and others are more for the Eastern style.

On the other hand, you have models with piercings, tattoos, and what have you. If your brand caters to tattooed people, a model with tattoos would fit your brand image perfectly. However, if you’re trying to appeal to a particular group of consumers, you should consider their preferences before making a decision.

You should also consider companies that can provide a selection of professional jewelry models to widen your options and ensure you hire the right model for the job. In addition, consider the color of your model’s hair when hiring.

Lighter jewelry such as aquamarine, emerald, and topaz fit better on blue-eyed blondes. On the other hand, dark jewelry items like garnet and sapphire look better on brunettes.

  • Get Professional Makeup

modern jewelry model photography make up

Most models will show up at the shooting with neutral makeup and hairstyle. While you can go with the basic looks, it’s better to work with a professional makeup artist and stylist to personalize your model’s look according to your brand image and identity.

You have several options on your hands regarding how to proceed here:

  • You can go with light neutral makeup;
  • You can ask a model to do a special manicure or makeup;
  • You can hire a makeup artist to create your desired look;
  • You can experiment with different makeup options and hairstyles to make your model look more according to your brand style.

What you opt for will depend on the capabilities and abilities of the model you hire. It would be best to leave the makeup part to professional makeup artists to ensure you get everything right.

  • Find the Right Clothing Style

The next thing to worry about is finding the right clothing style. Just like with makeup, your model’s clothing should match your brand identity and the looks of your jewelry products. In addition to selecting the right clothes, you should also consider appropriate accessories for shooting.

Your jewelry photos should look as luscious and luxurious as possible. However, you won’t be able to accomplish that without properly selected clothing styles and matching accessories. While you can ask your model to bring their clothes to the shoot, you might find their things unsuitable for you and your brand.

So, consider what clothing style matches your jewelry and talk to professional stylists to nail down colorful clothes, hats, caps, and bags accordingly. If you can’t decide between different combinations, try as many options as possible to understand what best fits your jewelry style.

  • Set Up Lighting

Jewelry model photography greatly differs from your regular product photography. What works for product photos may not work for your jewelry photography needs. You can’t just shove a model wearing your jewelry into a lightbox and hope for the best.

If you talk to professional studio photographers, they’ll tell you that setting up as many white umbrellas and reflectors around the model as possible is the best way to go. While you need a giant lightbox to capture the best photos, there are different factors to consider here.

For example, jewelry is mostly metal and precious stones. That leaves you dealing with a lot of reflective areas. Strong light may not work for making your gemstones and diamonds stand out. Lighting both your jewelry and model is a difficult task.

Fortunately, you can conquer these challenges by applying different lighting and using a sheer curtain or sheet to generate even reflection and make your items shine.

5 Jewelry Model Photo Shoot Tips

jewelry model shoot professional tips

Here are the top tips on how to get the best jewelry photos.

  • Keep the Focus on the Jewelry

In ecommerce jewelry photography, your model should be considered a prop. You’re not trying to sell a model but the jewelry. Therefore, the focus should be on jewelry items to grab the attention of potential buyers and motivate them to buy your products.

Though the model helps communicate the best aspects of the jewelry piece on sale, jewelry photography should revolve around the grandeur and the emotion behind your product. If you’re selling a ring, a photo capturing how it fits a model with beautiful hands may help impact a customer’s decision.

  • Communicate With the Model

Giving the model some direction may help to engage with them and put them at ease. You want to capture that natural, real-life, and genuine expression. Barking orders can only result in a phony, strained outlook.

Since your model’s facial expression significantly impacts the viewer’s reaction, communicate with the model to help them relax and connect with the jewelry they’re wearing.

  • Use the Model and Props to Set the Right Scene

Both the model and props on your shoot setup can contribute to creating the perfect scenery for your jewelry photoshoot. Visible clothing and props set the mood for your jewelry photography.

They also impact customers’ emotions and make them buy your product or look elsewhere if they don’t like what they see. However, the props you use should not draw attention from the jewelry. Remember, it’s all about setting the right scene that suits your products.

  • Edit Your Images

Though jewelry photography may involve conquering many challenges, you can solve most issues during image editing in the postproduction phase. Hiring an experienced and trustworthy jewelry image editing professional can enhance the look of your photos and direct the sharp focus to your products.

Image editing helps you adjust the imperfections in your images, correct angles, remove motion blur, enhance curves, and bring even the tiniest details to life to make your jewelry photography look as appealing and professional as possible.

  • Use AI Photo Tools to Generate Exceptional Images

wondershare virtulook

AI tools for product photography can help you capture impeccable images using the power of artificial intelligence. AI-powered image generation tools can help you enhance your jewelry model images beyond your expectations.

They also make professional product photography as cost-effective as possible. For example, tools like Wondershare VirtuLook allow you to edit and enhance your product photos without spending a dime. You can use it as your private product photography studio that empowers you to manipulate your images according to your needs.

More importantly, Wondershare VirtuLook lets you capture and enhance your images using automated tools. You can generate 4K images in mere minutes. Here’s how to use Wondershare VirtuLook to take your jewelry model photography to the next level.

The steps for generating product pictures with Wondershare VirtuLook are the following:

Step 1. Open the Wondershare VirtuLook website on your browser. Click “Get Started”.

access the official website

Step 2. Upload your original image and left click on the area of the cloth or product you wish to keep. (Please note that it is recommended to use the try-on generation function for mannequin images and the product photo generation function for product images). For optimal output images, it is advisable to review the basic requirements for the original photos first.

upload a photo

Step 3. Change your background by Using Template/Custom Editing.

Change the style and background by selecting the different template. This option will change the areas of the picture that you don't want to keep to your preferred background.

select image workflow

Alternatively, if the template does not currently have the scene you need, you can try using the Custom Editing feature to generate your own customized photo.

select image workflow

Step 4. Lastly, you can download or bookmark the photos you like. We also appreciate timely feedback from you regarding any issues with image quality or any other concerns you may have.

download image


Perfect jewelry model photography can help customers visualize your products and anticipate their look, shape, and size. These qualities may push potential prospects in the right direction to impact their purchasing decision.

In other words, jewelry model photography helps your target audience relate to your products and connect with your brand. More importantly, it helps potential prospects understand your products and picture themselves wearing your jewelry.

Giving them an idea of how your products will look when worn in real life can help you convert viewers into loyal customers. Though jewelry model photography requires skills and experience, this guide should help you get the hang of it.

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