High-quality photographs can make all the difference for e-commerce stores. The importance becomes even more evident, especially when it comes to selling expensive products like jackets and coats.

But how do we create crisp and clear photos for our online store? Do we have no choice but to go for those old camera shooting? Even when artificial intelligence is showing such a high potential?

Of course not. It's time to toss aside all the conventional methods. Because we are introducing an AI tool that makes excellent product images. It's VirtuLook! Before we explain how to use VirtuLook for your online store, let's understand the importance of quality photos for Jackets and coats.

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The Importance of Quality Photos for Jackets & Coats

Visuals are a crucial component in the online sales of outerwear. Quality pics not only show off the texture and details of the garment. They also help customers visualize how it would look on them. This becomes particularly important for items like jackets and coats. Because fit, material, and design are key considerations before people buy these expensive products.

However, old photography makes creating high-quality images of these products extremely difficult. Let's see those common challenges.

Common Challenges

Here are the common challenges people face when photographing their products.

  • Getting the right lighting to capture fabric details.
  • Arranging money to hire photographers and making photography setups.
  • Accurately showcasing the fit and design of Jackets.
  • Managing reflections on shiny or metallic elements.
  • Achieving the right balance between foreground and background.
  • Making the fabric texture visible and palpable.
  • Fitting the entire coat into the frame without losing detail.

Is it possible to overcome all these challenges with the latest AI technology? Yes, it's possible with VirtuLook!!!

What Does VirtuLook Offer for Jackets & Coats Model Photos?

As AI continues to improve, the technology has found its way into the e-commerce sector. One standout example is VirtuLook. It's a tool designed specifically to make high-quality images for online retail.

Wondershare VirtuLook

virtulook logo

VirtuLook is a tool created by Wondershare. It uses advanced AI algorithms to turn your product photos into captivating visuals. Moreover, you can make quality images for just $0.02 per image.

VirtuLook shows a proven 90% increase in e-commerce conversion rates. It offers virtual model fitting and high-resolution image creation that fits products into various backgrounds. What's more, you can experiment with different looks and styles.

Reasons to Choose VirtuLook

Here are some reasons to use VirtuLook for your online stores.

  • Cost-Effective

VirtuLook drastically cuts expenses you'd typically incur for photography sessions and post-production editing. Each image costs as little as $0.02 and saves you at least $150 per image.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

With VirtuLook, you can update your online catalog or launch advertising campaigns in record time. Use VirtuLook to produce and make new visuals with minimal delay. Then, market your products faster than ever.

  • Consistency in Quality

The tool uses advanced algorithms to produce consistently high-quality images. This level of uniformity in visuals enhances its appeal to potential customers.

  • Customization

VirtuLook allows you to adjust virtual models according to various attributes. You can experiment with different body shapes, skin tones, and individual style preferences.

  • Easy-to-Use

The user-friendly interface of VirtuLook enables even those without technical expertise to use the platform. You can get your project up and running without specialized training.

  • Eco-Friendly

By utilizing VirtuLook's capabilities, you're not just saving money and time. You're also contributing to a more sustainable business model. The need for physical prototypes and printed materials is reduced with VirtuLook.

Considering all these amazing benefits of VirtuLook, it's surprising not to try it at least. Let's now move on and see how to use this new technology for Jackets & Coats photography.

How to use VirtuLook for Coat and Jacket Model Photos

You first need to sign up for using VirtuLook. Even if you don't purchase the tool immediately, you can sign up for free with up to 40 free photos. So, visit the official VirtuLook website and click "SIGN UP" for new users.

sign in interface

You can either use your email address and password. Or you can opt to log in via third-party platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple ID. Once signed up, you can choose between a free account with limited capabilities or a paid account with more advanced features.

Now, let's see two major features of VirtuLook in a stepwise guide.

Model Try-on Generation

The model try-on feature of VirtuLook allows you to apply your Jackets and coats on different people. Then, you can generate high-quality pics and use them on your online store. Let's move on to the stepwise guide and see this feature in action.

Step 1: Upload Your Jacket/Coat Images

Go to the "Try On Generation" option on the left panel. Then, upload the image of the jacket or coat you'd like to feature.

Wondershare VirtuLook

Step 2: Select the Coat or Jacket

The next screen allows you to specify the portions of the jacket or coat to be highlighted. You can clear, undo, or redo selections as needed. Once done, press “OK.”

VirtuLook official logo

Step 3: Set the Model and Scene

Now, you can define attributes for your virtual model. You can change gender, skin tone, and body shape. On the same page, you can also choose between different backgrounds.

VirtuLook official webpage interface

Note: There are many backgrounds from Nature, Urban, and Interior settings to suit your product.

Step 4: Custom Editing

If you want to give the AI specific demands, click on the “Custom Editing” button. Then, give a specific prompt to the AI.

Create an account for VirtuLook for free

Step 5: Generate Photos

After double-checking all settings, click "Generate Now" to generate your model try-on images. Wait until AI creates your images. The estimated waiting time is about 60 seconds. Once the images are created, you can download the high-resolution images.

Upload your image on the 'Try-on generation' sectionSelect the product from your uploaded image

Note: To create more try-on sets, click "Back" or "Generate New" and repeat the steps. Now, let’s move on and see how to generate product photos with VirtuLook.

Product Photo Generation

VirtuLook also allows you to make product images in different backgrounds. Let's see how it works!

Step 1: Upload Product Images

Similar to the Model Try-on, click "Product Photo Generation." Now, upload your jacket or coat image.

Step 2: Edit the Image

In this window, left-click to select the areas you want to highlight. Options to re-upload, reselect, or undo are also available here.

Add custom instructions to AI for your image

Step 3: Choose a Suitable Scene

Customize your output. You can set your photo's number, size, resolution, and background.

Step 4: Custom Editing

Click on custom editing and then add your prompts to the AI.

Upload your product in

Step 5: Generate Commercial Photos for Jackets

Confirm your settings and click "Generate Now" to complete the process. Wait until AI creates your image. Then, download the commercial-grade photos for your use.

Select the product from the uploaded image

Ta-da!! Isn't it amazing? The AI technology of VirtuLook is exceptional, we say! And if you want to use this tool to its fullest, we have some special tips for you. Let's jump into them now.

Tips for Maximizing VirtuLook Potential

The effectiveness of any tool lies in the skill with which it's used. VirtuLook is also no exception. Understanding the ins and outs of this platform can significantly improve the quality of your final image. VirtuLook is equipped with a range of features, and it offers a great deal of value when used correctly. We have some key tips to help you make the most of this resource.

  1. Use the Panel Layout Efficiently

VirtuLook's interface is divided into four main panels. They are Home, Function, Management, and Support. Knowing your way around these panels can save you a lot of time. Here's an introduction to these panels.

  • Home Panel: quick access to key functionalities.
  • Function Panel: main workspace for try-ons and product photo generation.
  • Management Panel: organize your favorite and historical images here.
  • Support Panel: for guides, feedback, and customer service.
  1. The Original Image Requirements

To obtain high-quality output images, you must adhere to some original image guidelines.

Follow these important points to ensure optimal results:

  • Formats: use supported formats like PNG, JPG, WEBP, or BMP.
  • Size: dimensions should exceed 512px, and the file size should be under 10MB. The aspect ratio should be less than 2.
  • Proportion: the key feature in the image should take up between 1/4 and 3/4 of the frame to avoid distortion.
  • Human Models: for coats and jackets, close-up shots yield the best results.
  1. The Management Panel

The Management Panel is a storage hub. You can use the Favorite Asset feature to save entire projects. This panel also allows you to generate additional scenes for your jackets and coats without starting from scratch.

Select different attributes for your image
  1. Quality Control and Output

Finally, double-check the scale and proportion settings to match the original images before finalizing the output. Use the Upscaler function to get 2x/4x higher-quality images if you need higher resolutions. Then, the jackets & coats will look as detailed as possible. To further help you out in your product image creation, here are some popular prompts you can use.

Popular Prompts for Jacket & Coat Photography

Choosing the right jacket or coat often depends on various body types or ages. VirtuLook allows you to customize your visualization with the help of specific prompts. Some popular prompts can help you get a more realistic idea.

  • Generate an image of the jacket worn in a professional setting in the office. Add tables and chairs in the background.
Give a custom prompt to AI for your product image
  • In front of the blue ocean and sand with a sunset in the background and superb quality.
Product image created by VirtuLook
  • Dress the model using a minimalist or abstract background to focus attention on the outfit. Experiment with dramatic lighting for effect. Give a realistic image.

Using these prompts can provide a clearer understanding of how fitting your products are for various needs.


VirtuLook offers a powerful solution for photographing jackets & coats in the online retail space. It ensures quality and consistency in visuals before creating images. This brief guide shows you how to use VirtuLook to create attractive Jackets & Coats images. So, if you're in the market for a tool that enhances your jackets & coats, VirtuLook is worth exploring.

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Jeff Johnson Sep 14, 23
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