Stable diffusion AI allows users to generate images from simple text prompts. It is called “stable” simply because of the capability of the AI to generate non-blurry photos. However, stable diffusion AI requires training models to create proper images like any other AI tool.

This is where stable diffusion models come in. These models provide AI with training. Considering the vast amount of art styles available, it is essential to have models that the AI can follow to keep consistency. This article shall go over various stable diffusion models that you can use. It will also touch upon the topic of stable diffusion AI.

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    4. Deliberate
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Part 1. Exploring Stable Diffusion AI

As mentioned earlier, stable diffusion is artificial intelligence that understands text prompts. It then transforms your texts into detail-rich images. As a diffusion model, it starts with a random and blurry image. It then gradually adds detail based on the text and its model until it matches the prompt.

Stable diffusion is highly known for its ability to generate realistic images. They can even create images based on certain art styles.

Real-Life Applications of Stable Diffusion

All of this, of course, requires heightened training on the part of the AI. By using deep learning algorithms, such AIs can produce unique and prompt-accurate images. This is why stable diffusion AI has become helpful in the following fields:

  • Advertising: Stable diffusion has taken advertising to the next level. It can create professional-grade images that people can use in different campaigns. Through this, companies can launch products without needing professional photoshoots.
  • Entertainment: Since stable diffusion can generate images based on certain art styles, entertainment studios can generate the necessary elements through AI. This lessens the workload since stunning background images can be developed quickly. Stable diffusion is helpful for movies, comics, digital art, and the like.
  • Education: Stable diffusion can visualize many parts of education that are hard to access. For example, a professor may use stable diffusion to generate depictions of historical events. While these may not be accurate, they are a great way to stimulate children’s interest. Medical or scientific studies may also greatly benefit from this.

Stable Diffusion Models

At first, it may be hard to differentiate the terms “stable diffusion” and “stable diffusion models.” However, the main difference is that “stable diffusion” refers to the technology itself. It is the process. Stable diffusion models, on the other hand, refer to the training or reference data that the AI will use in the process. For example, the stable diffusion model may be realistic, stylized, or the like.

Either way, these models allow the user to control the image generation process of the stable diffusion AI. If left to its own devices, the AI may understand text differently than what was intended. That’s why providing a suitable model for AI is crucial. It will significantly save time as you are already generating what you want.

Part 2. 9 Best Stable Diffusion Models

This section will explore different stable diffusion models that you can look at to jumpstart your search for the right one. All of these are handpicked to ensure high-quality generation. They are also available on and These are popular stable diffusion model websites.


MeinaMix is a free anime diffusion model that’s main objective is to generate high-quality images with minimal prompting. It utilizes a realistic approach to the anime art style. Try it to create pictures of your favorite anime characters or locations.

meinamix page


DreamShaper is designed to generate images that look like paintings with elements inspired by anime. It’s incredible at generating characters with beautiful backgrounds. Like its name, it’s supposed to generate dreamy textures with a fantasy vibe. Try it out if you want to develop your fantasy characters.

dreamshaper page


AnythingV3 is a more vibrant and fun take on anime image generation. It can provide a wide range of anime art styles. It can generate beautiful anime characters and backgrounds with a realistic vibe or create one that’s fully colorful with popping colors. It’s a versatile model that can virtually generate “anything” you want.

anythingv3 page


Deliberate is a stable diffusion model with a big focus on anatomy. Many models need help rendering accurate anatomy in humans, animals, and the like. However, this model requires the most precise prompting to generate perfect images. It takes some time to master, but it’s worth it if you do. It can generate a wide range of art styles, within digital and realistic.

deliberate stable diffusion page


Protogen is a photorealist model that’s mainly used for character portraits or generating realistic locations. You can blend in some fantasy elements, but it’s focused on creating photorealistic art. The result of this model is beautiful images that are highly believable at first glance. It takes advantage of high-quality textures and shapes to deliver these photos.

protogen stable diffusion page


OpenJourney is a Discord-based AI that you can add to your servers. It can generate images in various styles, and almost anyone on your servers can use it. It’s a fantastic tool that can introduce the world of stable diffusion AI. It works best with simple prompts, although highly intricate prompts work, too.

openjourney webpage interface


Modelshoot, as the name suggests, is specialized in generating photoshoot-grade photos of people or characters. It was trained on photos of real-life models and subjects. This way, you can develop your images as part of a magazine studio. It works best on tall portraits and may be an excellent place to explore this model.

modelshoot page stable diffusion


AbsoluteReality is the stable diffusion model for you if you want something realistic. It’s built with the desire to create hyper-realistic portraits of people. The best thing is that this AI model only requires simple prompts. The more detailed the prompt, the more the image quality suffers. Learning to create the perfect portraits with this stable diffusion model doesn’t take much.

absolutereality webpage


epiCRealism is another stable diffusion model that’s focused on providing realistic portraits. The creator provides detailed instructions on how to produce the best-looking images with the model. That’s a big plus, especially if you’re new to stable diffusion. Like many other models, the fewer words you use in the prompt, the better.

epicrealism webpage

Bonus Part: VirtuLook AI Image Generation Platform

Marketers now have access to advanced image generation technology that offers a variety of choices for creating top-notch product images.

VirtuLook image generation tool enables users to produce high-quality product photos without needing professional photographers or models. You will only have to upload your product photos and adjust the settings. You will see how Wondershare VirtuLook magically transfers your products into high-quality product photoshoots.

virtulook main page

Key Features & Product Pricing

Wondershare VirtuLook is a feature-packed program that can help you with your product image generation needs. It can do its job well because of three main features it’s been equipped with:

  • Try-on Generation: This magical feature puts your products in different scenes. It allows you to let AI models wear them or even put them in stunning AI-generated locations.
  • Product Photo Generation: Generate different ai background for your product. Multiple options to choose, from beach, snow mountain, to street, bedroom, etc.
  • Templates: This feature is perfect for you if you’re new to AI generation. It instantly provides you with pre-made scenes that you can customize without too much prompting.
  • History: VirtuLook will save the files you upload, download and collect automatically. You can work on one and continue later.

Check out the pricing plans below:

  • Free to generate 40 photos
  • US $39.99 per month for 1,200 photos
  • US $399.99 per year for 14,400 photos

Generating Product Images With Wondershare VirtuLook

To begin creating product images, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access Wondershare VirtuLook from the official website. Click SIGN UP FOR FREE and create your account.

virtulook homepage

Step 2: Click Get Started once the homepage loads. From the left sidebar, click Product photo generation tab. And click Step 1. to upload the product image.

upload product image

Step 3: Click Step 2. to edit the file. It will ask you to select the product part that needs to remain unchanged. Then, click OK to continue.

edit the chosen image

Step 4: Now you can customize the background for the product with the options listed on the right panel. If the settings are confirmed, click Cast the Spell to generate the image.

generate image

Step 5: It will take only a few seconds to complete. From the top of the ai generated image, you will find the option to rename the project. And by putting the mouse to the image, you can click the icon to download and collect the file.

complete the image generation


Stable diffusion AI is a strong tool that can change how people make and use pictures. When picking a stable diffusion model, it’s essential to think about what you need. For example, a model trained on images of faces is better at making realistic portraits than a model introduced in photos of landscapes.

Try out Wondershare VirtuLook when you need a reliable tool to generate your product backgrounds. It’s packed with image-generation tools that will meet your needs.

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