Halloween is just around the corner, and it's a great time to begin your Halloween decor sale as an online store owner. Everyone with a brand or business will be cooking up something for Halloween, so you need to set yourself apart from the crowd and offer more value in a creative and captivating way. You want customers to find your Halloween decor spookier and more exciting. If you're curious about how to enhance your Halloween decor sales this celebratory season, you've found the right article.

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The 5 Popular Halloween Decorations

halloween decor sale pumpkin and ghosts

There's no Halloween without creepy, spooky decorations. Everyone wants the best or scariest decorations in line with the holiday spirits. Here are five popular Halloween decorations your customers may wish to buy:

1. Pumpkin Decorations

halloween decor sale scary pumpkins

Carved-up pumpkins have been among the classic clearance Halloween decorations for decades. It's a must-have for any online store that wishes to enhance its Halloween decor sale this year. There are no Halloween decorations without a pumpkin. Most Halloween decorations will include a pumpkin element, whether you're forming pumpkin arches or spooky lanterns. Store owners can sell beautifully carved-up or whole pumpkins to customers. Some customers prefer to enjoy the process of carving up the pumpkins themselves.

2. Ghost Sets

halloween decor sale ghost sets

Nothing seems cute but spooky, like white ghost sets. They're perfect for clearance Halloween decorations outdoors, and you can also squeeze them in with your decor elements indoors. In addition to being a decorative element, kids may dress up as ghosts when going trick-and-treating with friends. It's a popular decor theme, so every online store should sell ghost sets for Halloween decor.

3. Skeletons

halloween decor sale skeletons

Want to add something frightening outdoors or in your living room? A skeleton is the perfect decor to include, especially when it has bright, spooky eyes or a lit-up body. Some people may fancy a fully animated skeleton, while others may want simple skeleton designs like a foot mat or door with a skeleton drawing. It's an exciting piece to include in a Halloween decor.

4. Broomsticks

halloween decor sale broomsticks

You may include some Harry Potter elements in your Halloween decor, and broomsticks are an excellent choice. Customers may want to purchase the famous witch or wizard broomstick to spice up their Halloween decor. You can place your broomsticks outdoors close to your door or at random spots in your yard. Some lighting on the broomstick can also give it a further exciting element and add more color to your decoration.

5. Witch Figurines

halloween decor sale witch figurine

Still on the Harry Potter Halloween inspiration, a witch set goes perfectly with the broomsticks. Pointy, spooky hats, long dark cloaks, and a scary face should be a part of everyone's Halloween decor. It demonstrates the spirits that the holiday seeks to appease. You also get your scary game on by including a witch's outfit and figurine in your clearance Halloween decorations outdoors.

6 Tips for Boosting Halloween Decor Sales

You want your online store to be the go-to for customers this Halloween, and you can make it happen by implementing the right strategies. Here are six tips that can help you boost your Halloween decor sales:

1. AI Tool: VirtuLook [Hot]

As an online store owner, you need captivating pictures of your products and trying to recruit photographers to get good-quality pictures can be costly and time-consuming. Wondershare VirtuLook is an AI tool you can use to generate studio-quality images of your Halloween-inspired products and outfits. VirtuLook features a try-on and product generation feature. Try-on generation allows you to showcase outfits on realistic AI models in varying scenes. The product generation feature is for producing high-quality images of your products. You can use VirtuLook to boost your Halloween decor sale by using it to create Halloween-themed images.

To use VirtuLook, take the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the VirtuLook website and click on "Get Started" to begin.

virtulook website halloween decor sale

Step 2: Click on "Product photo generation” to showcase your product.

virtulook try on generation

Step 3: Upload your photo, the system will segment your photo automatically. Then click the Halloween decor part that you want to remain. After that, click the OK to move to the Magic room.

virtulook edit model halloween decor sale

Step 4: On the right tab, you can select the number of images to generate, choose your background scene. This time, I select the DarkLight as the Halloween pumpkin background. When completed, click "Generate Now” to start the generating process.

virtulook generate results

Below is a before and after Halloween decor comparison pictures.

virtulook image result

2. Run Halloween-Inspired Ads

halloween-themed ads

How will people know you're high on the Halloween spirits if you don't tell them? Craft catchy and exciting Halloween ads that will make your viewers want to purchase their Halloween decorations from you. Consider your audience's demographic and what they may like to determine what ads to create. Post on social media and use other means, like Google ads, to reach your audience.

3. Offer Discounts and Coupons

halloween deals and discount

No one would miss a chance to get their favorite Halloween decorations and outdoor or indoor elements for a discounted price. You can offer a discount and coupon program to encourage patronage. Creating a special deal for first-time buyers can encourage new buyers on your online store to make that purchase.

4. Email Marketing

halloween email

If you have an email list, now is an excellent time to tell them about your Halloween decor sale. Inform them of the fun, scary, and creepy stuff you have in your collection. You can also drop some tips and images of how they can style your closeout Halloween decorations in their homes. Begin your Halloween email campaign early to stir up some excitement about clearance Halloween decorations and celebrating the holiday.

5. Redesign Your Website


In line with the holiday spirits, you want your customers to feel Halloween when they land anywhere on your website. You don't need a complete site overhaul to seem enthusiastic about the Halloween season. You can introduce some Halloween elements or characters and colors to show that you're excited about the season, and your customers will get that energy, too.

6. Create a Unique Halloween-Inspired Limited Product

halloween-inspired product

You can design a product that won't be available beyond the Halloween season. For instance, if you own a clothing store, you can create a Halloween-styled shirt and sell it as a limited stock on your website, indicating the number of pieces available. This may trigger a sense of urgency among your buyers to avoid missing out on your unique product.


Take your Halloween decor sale to a new height by implementing strategies and tips like the ones above. Your customers need to know that you've got them covered with all the spooky, scary, and creepy elements they need to create a perfect Halloween-themed decoration. Remember, you can use VirtuLook to spice things up this Halloween and enhance your sales.


  • What Halloween product can yield the most sales?
    Candy treats, Halloween decorations and costumes can yield good sales. According to a Unassuming costume account, people spend more on purchasing Halloween costumes, with decorations and treats following closely behind. Include creative costumes and decorations in your Halloween offerings to enhance your sales.
  • How much do people spend on Halloween?
    Countries that celebrate Halloween tend to have consumers willing to spend money during the season. According to Investopedia, Americans spent $10.14 billion dollars in 2021 during Halloween. Online store owners can benefit from this by offering relevant Halloween-inspired decorations and products.
  • When is a good time to begin Halloween sales?
    You can begin your Halloween sales anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before the day, depending on your business model. It's best to complete the necessary preparations at least a month in advance and decide on when to begin publicizing your Halloween products. You can also begin a one or two-week countdown to a sales or discount purchase day.
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