Making your products picture-perfect is crucial to attracting a broader audience and increasing online visibility. Owning a jewelry ecommerce store involves numerous challenges, obstacles, and planning. Thus, to boost your efficiency and maximize the workflow, you need professional ecommerce jewelry photography.

This guide will show you how to take the most striking images of your products to boost your brand and gain visibility. Before exploring the tips, let’s discuss the main goals of this strategy.

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    1. Increasing Sales
    2. Showcasing Brand Style
    3. Highlighting All Details
    4. Building Interest & Increasing Traffic
    1. Learn About the Brand and Its Products
    2. Be Consistent With Your Shots & Composition
    3. Use Modern AI Tools
    4. Consider the Unique Material Properties of Jewelry Photography
    5. Capture the Best Features of the Product
    6. Display the Product to Showcase Their Strengths
    7. Creatively Position Jewelry to Create Compelling Photos
    8. Learn How to Use Natural Light
    9. Create a Theme for Your Jewelry Photos
    1. Best practices for image file formats, sizes, and compression
    2. Utilize SEO techniques for image alt tags and metadata to improve discoverability.
      1. Create visually appealing product galleries and showcase jewelry collections.
      2. Utilize social media platforms and user-generated content for marketing and promotion.

The Goal of Ecommerce Jewelry Photography

Before you start your photography journey, you should know why you are diving into this skill. Here are some of the goals of ecommerce jewelry photography to boost your inspiration and motivation.

Increasing Sales

Unique product images can improve your marketing strategy, increasing sales and profits. People who view your photos can conclude that you are a trustworthy retailer and will be confident in their purchases.

Showcasing Brand Style

build your jewelry brand style

Creating and showcasing your brand is essential for climbing the competitive ladder. You will make your name in an online environment and become easily recognizable in the sea of jewelry retailers.

Highlighting All Details

Jewelry is sensitive and full of details. In an online world, you may be unable to represent your pieces’ true glory, but professional photography can save the day. It will highlight your jewelry’s details and present its true beauty.

Building Interest & Increasing Traffic

Once people see your stunning ecommerce jewelry images, they will instantly become attracted to the pieces. That will drive traffic to your ecommerce store, leading to more sales. People will share their favorite photos with friends, improving optimization.

9 Tips for Ecommerce Jewelry Photography

If you want to start your ecommerce jewelry photography journey, check out some tips and tricks we have prepared to heighten your experience.

1. Learn About the Brand and Its Products

ecommerce jewelry photography setup

Learning about your competitors will give you insight into their style and array of products. Once you do a comparative analysis, you will know which photography style will fit your ecommerce business best.

Additionally, you will learn how to focus on the details and which elements of your jewelry you should highlight. This method will guide your journey by teaching you the basics of ecommerce jewelry photography.

2. Be Consistent With Your Shots & Composition

All your product images should have a consistent flow and style. If you incorporate this method, you will create your brand with a unique composition, and everyone can distinguish your photos from other brands.

Moreover, people may doubt your credibility and trustworthiness if you have inconsistent shots, leading to fewer sales and less profit. Thus, always use the same angles and composition to boost your brand image.

3. Use Modern AI Tools

Artificial intelligence tools are ideal if you have no experience in the product photography world. You can use advanced tools like Wondershare VirtuLook to create unique backgrounds, highlight your jewelry’s features, and enhance image quality. Here’s how to use this tool:

The steps for generating product pictures with Wondershare VirtuLook are the following:

Step 1. Open the Wondershare VirtuLook website on your browser. Click “Get Started”.

access the official website

Step 2. Upload your original image and left click on the area of the cloth or product you wish to keep. (Please note that it is recommended to use the try-on generation function for mannequin images and the product photo generation function for product images). For optimal output images, it is advisable to review the basic requirements for the original photos first.

upload a photo

Step 3. Change your background by Using Template/Custom Editing.

Change the style and background by selecting the different template. This option will change the areas of the picture that you don't want to keep to your preferred background.

select image workflow

Alternatively, if the template does not currently have the scene you need, you can try using the Custom Editing feature to generate your own customized photo.

select image workflow

Step 4. Lastly, you can download or bookmark the photos you like. We also appreciate timely feedback from you regarding any issues with image quality or any other concerns you may have.

download image

4. Consider the Unique Material Properties of Jewelry Photography

Every piece of jewelry differs in design and materials, so it is essential to highlight these features to make the images more visually rich. You can use different backgrounds and elements to enhance the materials in your photos.

The key to successful ecommerce jewelry photography is exploring the possibilities and experimenting with different materials until you find the solution that best fits your brand and niche.

5. Capture the Best Features of the Product

You must capture your jewelry’s best features to attract the target audience and represent your products. Besides capturing the materials, most professionals rely on highlighting everything that makes various pieces unique.

For instance, if your products contain diamonds or zirconia, you should take images that best represent all these elements. Your viewers can see the true beauty of your products with this method.

6. Display the Product to Showcase Their Strengths

ecommerce jewelry photography with a gold ring

As mentioned, you should highlight your product’s best features for the best photography results. You can use different props, such as boxes and mannequins, to enhance the quality and elements.

Also, use different styles depending on the jewelry type. For instance, if you sell wedding bands, you should display your products in a clean, romantic environment to make people fall in love with your jewelry. On the other hand, if you sell men’s jewelry, you should use powerful displays, such as smoke and herbs, to symbolize masculinity and strength.

7. Creatively Position Jewelry to Create Compelling Photos

Being unique can take you one step ahead of the competition. When you analyze the competitors’ images, you should think of creative styles to make you and your jewelry unique and recognizable in the ecommerce world.

You can use mirrors, nature, or other elements to position your jewelry and contribute to its atmosphere and story. Select the position and the environment according to your products’ best qualities and use.

8. Learn How to Use Natural Light

Natural light can boost your ecommerce jewelry photography experience and take your business to the next level. You can experiment with different lighting and shadows to enhance your products and put them in the spotlight.

You can photograph your products near your windows for a sensitive, romantic vibe or use bright, sunny environments to represent the vivid colors of your gems best. However, ensure the shadows don’t fall on your items and cover their main features.

9. Create a Theme for Your Jewelry Photos

ecommerce jewelry photography with natural elements

Boosting your brand and online visibility is all about building a unique identity. Therefore, create a theme for all your images according to the jewelry type. For instance, if you sell pearls or beach jewelry, create a summer-like environment representing your items in their full glory.

Additionally, experiment with different backgrounds and elements to find your ideal theme. You can also ask your colleagues for advice to see which fits your store’s vibe best.

Optimize Jewelry Images for Ecommerce Platforms

Although the tips above can help you boost your visuals, you should also work on optimization for the best results. Here’s what to do.

Best practices for image file formats, sizes, and compression

The best file format you can use for your ecommerce jewelry photos is JPEG, as it provides versatility. You can post it on your website and social media platforms without damaging the quality. You can also use PNG formats if you need transparency.

The size of your images depends on the platform and purpose. However, the recommended resolution is around 73 PPI for the best quality and noise reduction. You can use pictures of about 2,000 pixels in width for a professional look.

Compression techniques can decrease the file size without influencing the image quality. We recommend using advanced editing tools like Photoshop for the best compression results.

Utilize SEO techniques for image alt tags and metadata to improve discoverability.

meta tags to boost jewelry photos for ecommerce

You can target your audience by incorporating SEO techniques into your images. For instance, if you post on social media, you can use hashtags that best describe your products for a better experience.

When posting images on your ecommerce store, implement metadata, such as meta descriptions, to make your business appear on the first pages of search engines. That will improve your visibility, and you will gain more customers.

Showcase Jewelry Images on Ecommerce Platforms

Lastly, work on your jewelry showcasing to create an organized environment and target your desired audience. Here’s what you can do to reach this goal.

Create visually appealing product galleries and showcase jewelry collections.

If you have similar products, you can create collections and sort them into categories for the best user experience. People will know where to search for the desired items without wandering around your ecommerce store. That can serve as a mini fashion show to your customers, who can choose the collection that best fits their preferences.

Utilize social media platforms and user-generated content for marketing and promotion.

use social media to promote jewelry photos for ecommerce

Marketing is an essential part of growing your ecommerce store. You can use user-generated content to boost efficiency and target the desired audience. They will compel people to use your products, leading to higher sales. You should also incorporate your ecommerce jewelry images into social media platforms for better visibility and marketing.


Ecommerce jewelry photography is essential for growing your online business. If you are new to the industry and want to reach the top, you should incorporate it into your business plan for the best results.

Therefore, follow our guide to taking ideal jewelry photos and implement all optimization elements to boost your brand.

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Jeff Johnson Aug 26, 23
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