Remember the famous Bliss Hill wallpaper that came with Windows XP back in the day? It’s also known as Bucolic Green Hills and is arguably the most well-known wallpaper worldwide. The picture was created in 1996, and it took the photographer days to find the perfect moment and capture such a shot.

Today, we don’t have to wait for that perfect moment or even buy a camera to create stunning wallpapers. Instead, we can use AI wallpaper generators, and it will only take a few seconds for the artificial intelligence to generate a gorgeous image with all the details you requested.

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  1. Why Use AI to Generate Wallpapers
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  3. 10 Best AI Wallpaper Generators
    1. Canva
    2. Visme
    3. Fotor
    4. Wondershare VirtuLook
    5. Hotpot
    7. DALL·E 2
    8. NightCafe
    9. Deep Dream Generator
    10. Midjourney

Why Use AI to Generate Wallpapers

These artificial intelligence tools and wallpaper generators aren’t just a fun way to refresh your desktop’s background and kill time. They also bring various benefits to the table because of their speed and the way they work. AI wallpaper generators are beneficial because of the following:

  • Removing the limits – When you prompt an AI to create a wallpaper, you’re not limited to real locations or existing spaces and items. Instead, AI can create something brand new. These AI wallpaper generators can make it as long as you can imagine it and describe what you’re after.
  • Creating unique art – After typing a prompt into an AI wallpaper generator, the tool doesn’t go online, take a random photo, and add a few details. Instead, it generates an entirely new image with all the desired attributes, creating unique art you won’t receive again, even if you enter the same description.
  • Higher productivity levels – Making a stunning wallpaper with AI only takes a few seconds, and the only part that’s even remotely challenging is describing the picture you want. The generation part is only a few seconds long as AI image generation has become blazingly fast.
  • Better image control – When you take a photo the traditional way and load it into a post-production app, you’re limited to the original photo’s characteristics. Editing an image will only let you change some minor aspects. However, that’s not an issue with AI wallpapers, and you can change whichever element of the photo you like.

These are only some benefits you get from using AI art, but many more also exist, making AI the undisputed future of technology and wallpapers.

What Is an AI Wallpaper Generator?

Artificial intelligence wallpaper generators are incredible tools that use all the aspects and subfields of AI to create unique and stunning images which you can use for various purposes. These tools use machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, generative adversarial networks, diffusion models, and many more incredibly potent technologies.

These tools trained on thousands of terabytes of data to get to where they are today, learning the connections between words and images and training to understand human input and create a corresponding output.

They’re often known as text-to-image AI models, meaning they convert textual input from a human user into an image output from AI, creating stunning art and beautiful photos in seconds.

10 Best AI Wallpaper Generators

Without further ado, here are some of the best AI wallpaper generators on the market. Try them out and experiment with the different styles of wallpapers they offer. You’ll undoubtedly find something you like and can use on your laptop, desktop, or phone’s background.


canva free ai wallpaper generator

Canva is an Australian graphic design platform that’s been around for over a decade. Once the boom of ChatGPT and AI happened, Canva also introduced a powerful AI image generator.

With Canva, you can use a template or create new designs from scratch. All you have to do is add a description, and the AI will bring it to life.


visme ai wallpaper pattern generator

Visme’s AI generator tool lets you choose various photography styles, including life-like photos, professional-like paintings, 3D visuals, or simple pencil drawings.

Moreover, generating high-quality art with Visme is incredibly straightforward. All you have to do is add a prompt and describe what you want. Then, you can select a style or let Visme surprise you, and that’s it.


fotor image generation tool

With its incredible simplicity and clean user interface, Fotor is one of the easiest-to-use AI wallpaper generators. Users love creating NFT art with it.

You don’t need to register an account, as Fotor is free, but you must upload an existing image first. When you do that, Fotor will allow you to select different art styles and apply them to the photo.

Wondershare VirtuLook wallpaper generator app

Wondershare VirtuLook is a relatively new player in the AI image generation game, but its incredible features, speed, and high-quality images it creates are quickly increasing the tool’s reputation.

The tool specializes in product photography but can also create gorgeous wallpapers. It allows users to make stunning visuals of their products, changing backgrounds, shadows, time of day, and whatever else they desire.


hotpot image generation app

Hotpot is another powerful artificial intelligence tool that can bring your descriptions to life. The app can create it as long as you imagine and describe it, and it does so in seconds.

This tool started as an NFT-creation app but quickly grew past that and now offers users to remove backgrounds or objects from their photos, upscale their existing images, colorize their black-and-white photos, etc. image generator tool is a free and open-source AI image generation tool that uses machine learning algorithms and a diffusion model. It’s straightforward, has a simple user interface, and lets you select five dimensions for the images it generates, and can even make memes.

It allows advanced users to adjust miscellaneous settings and create what they’re after.

openai dall-e two wallpaper generator

You might not have heard of DALL-E or DALL-E 2, but you’ve undoubtedly heard of ChatGPT. The same company is behind both of these, and DALL-E 2 uses the same technology and machine learning algorithms that ChatGPT uses.

The tool is swift and creates fantastic images based on your descriptions, but there’s no app, and you have to use OpenAI’s website instead.

nightcafe wallpaper generator app

NightCafe is known for the number of algorithms it uses, and it’s precisely those algorithms that allow users to create videos of their art and organize photos into collections or download them in bulk.

The tool gives advanced users much control over the images they create. When you use NightCafe, you own the pictures you made and can even buy printed versions of said art.

deep dream ai image generator

Created by Aifnet, Deep Dream Generator quickly became one of the most well-known AI image generators. The tool is easy to use and fast because its neural network is trained on millions of images.

However, this AI wallpaper generator requires you to upload an existing photo, which it then puts through various filters, allowing you to create similar art in different painting styles.

midjourney ai wallpaper generator

Midjourney is another AI image generator without an app that uses Discord instead. Some of its images have received awards which can be a reason to try the tool.

It creates terrific, high-quality images and has an entire Discord community if you need help with prompts or other aspects of the tool, but it can also be quite challenging to set up.


The world of wallpapers has gone a long way since the days of the default Windows XP wallpaper. AI is slowly but surely taking over, as these competent tools can do in seconds what would take days for a photographer or an artist.

These AI apps bring incredible speed, efficiency, higher productivity, uniqueness, and complete image control, taking wallpapers to another level and creating whatever your heart desires.

We’ve discussed the top ten AI wallpaper generators, which include websites like Canva, OpenAI’s DALL-E 2, NightCafe, and Midjourney, with Wondershare VirtuLook leaving the strongest impression with its speed, efficiency, and style.

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Jeff Johnson Aug 10, 23
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Jeff Johnson
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