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Showcase Outfits on AI-Generated Models Within Minutes

A highly cost-effective, rapid, and versatile solution for creating real-life model pictures, you can switch the shooting scene and model type suitable for markets worldwide.

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.JPG, .PNG, .BMP, and .WEBP supported. Maximum size 10MB.

A highly cost-effective, rapid, and versatile solution for creating real-life model pictures, you can switch the shooting scene and model type suitable for markets worldwide.

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10X More Efficient
Experience significantly accelerated results using AI algorithms.
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Diverse Try-On AI Models
Create real-life models with varying skin tones, facial features, and ages.
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Eliminate expensive labor costs associated with traditional creation.
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Data Secure & Royalty-Free
Confidently and safely use models for marketing and sales initiatives.

Streamline Photoshoot Workflow Never Than Ever

Wondershare VirtuLook can substantially reduce the costs associated with product photography compared with traditional products that require arranging photoshoots, hiring models, renting equipment, and editing images. It also saves time as businesses can generate many images quickly, enabling faster product launches and updates.

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Start Your Own Clothing Line In No Time

Diverse Try-On Models You Define

Wondershare VirtuLook enables you to create virtual models that match your brand image and target demographic without the need of a hairdresser, makeup artist, or costume coordinator. Parameters such as age, gender, and ethnicity can be easily adjusted to reflect the diversity of your customer base.

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Multiple Shooting Locations and Scene Layouts

A vast selection of pre-designed or customizable digital backgrounds fits your aesthetic. Skip the costly, time-consuming physical set constructions and effortlessly blend virtual models into diverse digital settings.

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Fast, Pro-Quality, Flexibility

Realistic and professional-quality images for you marketing, product listings, etc. Easily adjust virtual models in various scenes for swift changes, helping you stay ahead of competitors and respond quickly to market demands.

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The Best Photoshoot Is the One That Never Happens

  • upload image
    Step 1: Upload your image

    Choose and upload the original clothing photo (model/mannequin), click on the edit area, and proceed with the product main body editing.

  • ai model try-on
    Step 2: Customize your model.

    You can adjust parameters such as gender, skin color, and age range according to your preferences.

  • download image
    Step 3: AI model generating images complete.

    Click on the Generate button, a series of lifelike AI-generated model wearing your products in the set scene are made.

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Your Questions, Answered.

  • How does AI model shoot generation work?
    It works by using advanced algorithms to create virtual models with customizable attributes such as age, gender, and skin tones. These virtual models are then placed into digitally created scenes, complete with backgrounds and lighting, resulting in realistic and engaging model photos.
  • The number of model photos that can be generated using AI model shoot generation is typically not limited. AI algorithms can generate a vast number of virtual models, outfits, and scenes, allowing for a wide range of options. This scalability enables businesses to create a variety of model photos for their e-commerce or marketing needs.
  • The file formats and resolutions of AI-generated model photos can vary depending on the specific AI model shoot generation platform or software used. Typically, the generated photos can be exported in common image formats like JPG, and their resolution can be easily adjusted to meet the desired quality and usage requirements.
  • To ensure the usability and diversity of drawing and conform to industry standards. Currently, the unified setting generates 4 pictures, and the number of customized pictures is not supported.

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