Black Friday is an annual shopping extravaganza. It has long been synonymous with incredible discounts and a rush to snag the best deals. It’s a day when customers eagerly await the chance to revamp their wardrobes, among other purchases, at unbeatable prices.

As an online seller gearing up for Black Friday, you're likely exploring every avenue to stand out in the competitive retail landscape. This year, try a new way to shop for Black Friday shirts. Use AI-powered tools like VirtuLook to give your customers personalized options that match their style and budget. Make your online store the go-to destination for amazing shirt shopping experiences.

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Best Selling Shirts on Black Friday

In the midst of the post-Thanksgiving rush, Black Friday emerges as the ultimate retail therapy session and shirt sales. Last year’s Black Friday, 87.2 million US consumers shopped online, roughly equal to 2021. These statistics reflect the enduring allure and popularity of this retail holiday’s online offerings.

In e-commerce, staying ahead of trends is crucial. Black Friday is synonymous with best-selling shirts. So, as online sellers, let's dive into some best-selling shirt styles, all poised to drive your sales to new heights this Black Friday.

1. Unus Annus The End Timer Classic T-Shirt

black friday classic shirt

This standard, traditional t-shirt for everyday wear is the classic choice for daily attire. The producer of this item gets blank shirts from manufacturers who support better cotton farming practices. The "Unus Annus The End Timer Classic T-Shirt" has been selling really well since its launch. It has a 4.6/5 rating and 1222 reviews on redbubble. Fans love its unique design with the Unus Annus hourglass logo. It's a popular collector's item.

2. Pele Legendary "Bicycle Kick" Black And White Classic T-Shirt

black and white classic shirt

This black and white Classic T-Shirt is made from high-quality materials. It is as comfortable as it is stylish. The "Pele Legendary 'Bicycle Kick' Black and White Classic T-Shirt" has established itself as one of the best-selling shirts of its kind, with 4.6/5 ratings and 1222 reviews in redbubble. Celebrating Pele's iconic bicycle kick moment, this shirt pays homage to a legendary athlete's incredible skill and artistry on the field. Its timeless design and superior quality have made it a top choice for sports fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

3. Vault-Tec Essential T-Shirt

essential shirt

The "Vault Tec Essential T-Shirt" has consistently proven to be one of our best-selling items. It gained 4.65/5 reviews with 1059 reviews in redbubble. Its captivating design, featuring the iconic Vault-Tec logo, resonates strongly with fans of the Fallout franchise, making it a staple for gamers and collectors alike. Its popularity showcases the enduring appeal of Fallout's immersive world and its dedicated fan base.This shirt combines comfort and style with a design that pays homage to the beloved Vault-Tec Corporation. Crafted from high-quality materials, it ensures a soft and comfortable fit.

4. Black Friday Sale Essential T-Shirt

hoonigan shirt

The Black Friday Hoonigan shirt is a standout piece that embodies the essence of automotive enthusiasm and style. Also, it has consistently ranked as one of the best-selling items during the holiday season with 4.65/5 ratings with 1059 reviews in redbubble. The shirt's design is bold and eye-catching, with enticing discount graphics. It appeals to shoppers who want to experience the excitement of Black Friday. This shirt is popular among those who love great deals and want to join the shopping frenzy.

When running a business, it's important to be aware of potential challenges, especially if you plan to use live models for shirt fittings. Let’s delve with these challenges.

The Challenges of Using Live Models for Shirt Fittings in Retail

Incorporating live models for shirt try-ons, while beneficial in some aspects, presents notable challenges worth examining. Let's explore these limitations.

1. Expensive

live model cost

Hiring models can add to the overall cost of showcasing shirts, including fees, wardrobe, and makeup expenses. Hiring professional models can be costly. This is because their fees are based on their experience and expertise. In addition, expenses for travel, accommodations, and other logistical arrangements add to the overall cost of using live models. This makes it a more expensive option for industries such as fashion and advertising.

2. Limited Representation

limited reflection

It doesn't fully reflect the demographic for which the shirt is intended. Models may not represent customers' diverse range of body types and sizes. It potentially limits the inclusivity of your brand.

3. Time-consuming

time consume

Live model fittings can be time-consuming, delaying product launches or promotions. Using live models for shirt fittings as a seller can be time-consuming. This is because it requires scheduling coordination, fitting adjustments, changes in models, potential delays, wait times, feedback and decision-making, photography setup, increased customer interactions, record-keeping, and model availability constraints.

4. Logistic Complexity

logistic complexity

Using live models can be complicated due to the need for scheduling, transportation, and coordination. This can create administrative tasks and consume time for businesses. It can also be challenging to ensure their availability and manage logistical aspects, which can impact promotional or marketing activities.

5. Feedback and Adjustments

feedback and adjustments

Real-time adjustments during fittings are more challenging than virtual fitting technology. Live model presentations can extend fitting time and cause delays in production or marketing, impacting efficiency and increasing costs.

Doing some live models to showcase your product is really challenging. So, let’s find out how essential Virtulook is to help the above mentioned challenges on your Black Friday shirt.

VirtuLook Overview: Exploring the Essentials

virtulook  homepage

VirtuLook is one way to revolutionize the way Black Friday shirts. Our AI-powered solution is designed to enhance your Black Friday shirt shopping experience. It offers automated background generation, saving you time and money. It ensures consistency and customization, providing a realistic presentation. Additionally, it improves accessibility and helps overcome challenges associated with live models.

VirtuLook simplifies the process of presenting Black Friday shirts. Retailers can easily upload images of mannequins wearing Black Friday shirts. This solves problems with lighting, venues, models, and more. The innovative tool improves the shopping experience, making it simpler for customers to browse and select the ideal Black Friday shirts.

Let's explore how it addresses the unique challenges associated with presenting Black Friday shirts.

How Does VirtuLook Work?

Using VirtuLook’s try-on generation feature typically involves the following steps. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Visit Virtulook’s official website. If you're already a user, click the login button to sign in. If you're new, click sign up for free.

virtulook login

Step 2: Click the Get 40 FREE Photos To Try, the VirtuLook Try-On Generation tool. With your free account, you can generate try-on photos up to 40 times without charge.

virtulook try-on generation

Step 3: Upload your Black Friday shirt by following the tips shown by the current interface.

upload your black friday shirt

Note: When uploading original images, ensure that the dimensions exceed 512px, maintain an aspect ratio of less than 2:1, and the total size is less than 10 Mb.

Step 4: After uploading, you need to modify the original picture. To select, you need to left-click; if you want to remove, use the right-click button. Click OK if you’re done.

modify your black friday shirt

Step 5: Now, you can change the model's gender, skin tone, and age group on the left side of the Fitting Room tab.

Using Template gives ready-made scene options, where you can adjust the number of images, size, quality, and background. There are different scene types for trying on the model. Once you are done selecting your desired model and background click Generate Now to see the result.

customized black friday shirt

Step 6: Review the generated images.

After generating your Black Friday shirt, review the generated images and select what you like to use.

review your black friday shirt

Step 7: Download the image.

Now, you can download the Black Friday shirt. Here, the model I chose is a male with fair skin in his adultery. The background I used is the “Runway”.

download your black friday shirt


As a seller preparing for the annual shopping extravaganza of Black Friday, it's crucial to consider innovative approaches to attract customers and overcome the challenges associated with live models for shirt fittings.

VirtuLook, an AI-powered solution, offers a compelling alternative by simplifying the process of presenting Black Friday shirts. It addresses the issues of cost, limited representation, time-consuming fittings, logistical complexity, and the need for real-time adjustments. By leveraging VirtuLook's capabilities, you can enhance the overall shopping experience, stand out in the competitive retail landscape, and provide your customers with a unique and efficient way to explore and choose the perfect Black Friday shirts.

This year, let VirtuLook empower your Black Friday shirt sales and elevate your online store into a destination for unparalleled shirt shopping experiences.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Black Friday shirts:

  • What is Black Friday?
    Black Friday is an annual shopping event on the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. It is known for massive discounts and sales on a wide range of products, including shirts.
  • How can I make my Black Friday shirts stand out from the competition?
    To make your Black Friday shirts stand out, use unique and eye-catching designs. Market them effectively and provide excellent customer service. Consider offering limited-edition shirts or collaborating with influencers to generate buzz. Many Black Friday shirt deals are available online. It’s allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home and avoid the crowds.
  • When do Black Friday shirt sales start?
    Black Friday shirt sales typically start on the day after Thanksgiving. But some retailers may offer early discounts or even start their sales in the days leading up to Black Friday.
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