If you look at a "this person does not exist" image without knowing it was generated with AI, you most likely won't be able to tell. "This person doesn't exist" generated images closely resemble real humans, including their skin flaws and color shades. AI tools such as this person does not exist.com use advanced neural networks to develop a realistic fake person or image using actual human data. You can quickly learn to make people that don't exist by following a few steps, which we'll discuss further.

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Why Do You Need AI To Create “This Person Does Not Exist”?

The beauty of AI human characters is that you can confidently use them for creative purposes, knowing fully well that these people don't exist. Here are reasons you need such an AI generator:

  1. Realistic portraits: This Person Does Not Exist allows you to create a natural-looking human picture using AI. If you need an image that doesn’t look obviously fake, it’s the right tool for you.
  2. For content creation: If you're uncomfortable putting yourself out, you can use realistic AI-created people that don't exist.
  3. Speed and efficiency: If you want an impressive 'this person doesn't exist' image within seconds, an AI tool is all you need.

How To Use This Person Does Not Exist AI Tool

This Person Does Not Exist AI tool is an online platform that allows users to generate realistic fake portraits of people who don't exist. The platform uses StyleGAN neural networks to create non-existent people. Unlike other AI generators that produce human-like fantasy characters that obviously look unreal, you may not be able to separate a This Person Does Not Exist image from a human portrait.

Is It Free?

Users can generate images with the This Person Does Not Exist generator for free. They also offer a free download option to download a 512 x 512 px JPG image with a watermark for personal use. The platform also includes a paid download at $14.95. It offers a 1024 x 1024 px image with no watermark that you can download in PNG or JPG format.

How To Use

Anyone can build a realistic human image using This Person Does Not Exist. To do so, take the following steps:

Step 1: Go to This Person Does Not Exist.com. You'll find a default image there.

this person does not exist ai

Step 2: Select your image gender, age, and ethnicity using the drop-down tabs.

this person does not exist edit features

Step 3: Click on "Refresh Image".

this person does not exist generate image

Step 4: Wait a few minutes and hit refresh to generate another image.

this person does not exist refresh

AI Tools Similar to This Person Does Not Exist.com

If you use This Person Does Not Exist, and like the experience and results you get, you may want to explore similar tools. Here are a few tools you can try out:

Wondershare VirtuLook - Create Lifelike Models

wondershare virtulook

Wondershare VirtuLook is another exciting AI tool you can use to generate realistic human models. You can showcase your outfits on these models in different scenery and use the images like traditional studio pictures. VirtuLook also features a product photo generation feature that allows you to generate realistic and quality product photos for your business. Try out this tool’s components to get a feel of its abilities.

How to Use

You can make a “this person doesn’t exist” image using WonderShare VirtuLook by editing your preferences to produce your final result. Here’s how:

Step 1: Visit the WonderShare VirtuLook website and click on "Get Started".

wondershare virtulook interface

Step 2: Select Try-on generation and click the Generate Now button to start this wonderful trip.

virtulook try on generation

Step 3: Upload a photo and select the clothing elements you wish to keep by following the tips.

virtulook upload photo

VirtuLook will segment your photo automatically. After that, click OK to move to the next step.

virtulook select clothing
Note: Specific image requirements specify the format, size, and proportions to generate the best results. Click here to learn more.

Step 4: Create your model by selecting their gender, skin tone, and age group on the left side of your screen.

virtulook edit model

Step 5: You can select the number of images and scenery on the right side of your screen from the available options. You can scroll to see all the options available.

Note: You can select the custom editing tab at the far right of your screen to input a text prompt.
virtulook choose scene

Step 6: Click Generate Now to produce your realistic pictures. Then you can download the generated pictures that you like.

virtulook generate this person does not exist
  • Offers 20 free credits for new users to use and you can share to get additional 30 credits.
  • Generates human and product images for business or content purposes
  • The interface is easy to use and understand, you can follow the tips shown on each interface to finish this process.
  • Saves users time and money.
  • Specifically for generating model or studio-like images for business purposes.
  • Images may seem heavily edited and not very realistic.

ZMO.AI – Create “This Person Does Not Exist”

ZMO.AI employs AI technology to create realistic characters following users' prompts. You can use a text or image to generate your realistic fake image of a person. The tool also offers a realistic photo category and a variety of styles you can select from to create an image you like.

How to Use

You can create a realistic person who does not have a full body image by using ZMO.AI. Take the steps below to do so:

Step 1: Visit ZMO.AI's ‘This person does not exist’ website, and click on generate

zmo ai interface

Step 2: Input a text prompt indicating the kind of person you wish to create. Or You can also choose the image input to upload a photo.

zmo ai text to image generator

Step 3: Choose a category, preferably a realistic photo and then select a style from the options.

zmo select style

Step 4: Specify the number of images you want, including output resolution and canvas size

zmo image editing features

Step 5: Scroll back up and click on ‘Create’ to generate your images

zmo create this person does not exist
  • Offers a text and image-to-image generation feature
  • Includes multiple categories and styles to choose from
  • Creates up to 16 images at once to provide more variety
  • The tool allows you to create various characters, including anime, fantasy, and realistic images.
  • The tool isn’t entirely free to use
  • You can only view two images for free unless you activate a premium membership
  • You need to select the realistic photo category to get life-like images

UnrealPerson – Create People Who Don’t Exist

Unreal Person is an AI tool that allows users to create realistic images of people that doesn't exist. You can also create unique images of cats, horses, dogs, and beaches that are life-like but don't exist. Unreal Person uses its AI database of real humans to design realistic and unique characters. This tool is also free to use and available online.

How to use UnrealPerson

This is the easiest tool to use on this list. To use this tool, simply follow these two steps:

Step 1: Visit the UnrealPerson website

unreal person webpage

Step 2: Click on generate to see an image

unreal person

Step 3: You can continue clicking generate until you find an image you like to download.

unreal person generate this person does not exist
  • Completely free to use. No hidden charges or subscriptions.
  • Creates unique and life-like human, animal, and art characters.
  • It’s easy to use. You just need to keep hitting generate until you see an image you like.
  • Doesn't currently support text-to-image generation
  • The website is filled with ads
  • Offers no editing features. You have no control over the kind of image it generates.


If you wish to create a human portrait that people will look at and won't be able to tell that this person does not exist, use the AI tool. It is easy to use and produces realistic results within seconds. The alternative tools are also impressive. Save time, effort, and money and generate lifelike portraits or images. People will stare at it and not immediately think, "Oh, this face does not exist."


  • Does “This Person Does Not Exist” require animating or drawing skills?
    You don't need any form of drawing or animating skills to use This Person Does Not Exist. Once you visit the website, you only need to specify the age range, gender, and ethnicity of the fake person you need to create. Anyone who need realistic images can use the tool to create portraits of old or young portraits of different ethnicities and genders without using special skills.
  • Can I Use AI-Generated Portraits of People Who Don’t Exist?
    Yes, you can use images of people who don't exist for business or content creation. You may also use them as avatars on social media or similar platforms. There shouldn't be any issues if you're not in any illegal or deceptive activity.
  • Does This Person Does Not Exist Work on Mobile Smartphones?
    You can generate realistic portraits using This Person Does Not Exist on your mobile phone or PC. If you have a good internet connection, you can visit the website and generate a portrait based on your preference.
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