Create Ready-Made Product Photos with AI Background Generator

Automatically convert your product shots to professional and tailor-made product images at a low cost.

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Automatically convert your apparel product shots to professional and tailor-made product images at a low cost in an effort to be more customer-centric.

background Wondershare VirtuLook
ai art background
10X More Product Images
Available to everyone to get multiple high-quality product images at once.
ai image background generator VirtuLook
Pro-Quality Images in 4K
Provide unparalleled detail and clarity for an immersive viewing experience.
high quality product imagery
Better Organization
Generation history and collection help enhance brand consistency.
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Data Secure & Royalty-FREE
Ensure data security & royalty-free use for safe marketing & sales efforts.

Define Your Product With Multiple Scenes

Thoughtful scene design enhances the impact and brand presence of product photography. Wondershare Virtulook helps do it all by adapting to your input scene description or preset backgrounds, creating captivating visuals.

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beauty essence water on marble plate essence water on a clean light beige background essence water on a blue shinning sky essence water on a clean light beige background with plants shadow essence water on sand with starfish essence water in safari essence water with a wood plate
beauty essence water with a mirror essence water on a clean light beige background essence water on a blue shinning sky background essence water on a clean light beige background with plants shadow essence water at beach essence water with a leaf essence water with a branch

Any Product Can Be the One

Whether your products are beauty, food, furniture, or outdoor, they all can eliminate traditional barriers and embark on a journey that blends artistry, technology, and fashion like never before.

eye shadow
eye shadow background generator
Beauty & Personal care
eye shadow with a pink background
dessert with a plate
dessert background generation
Home & Kitchen
dessert a flat front shot
skateboard background generator
Sports & Outdoors
a person with a skateboard on a blue sky background
a pair of shoes
a pair of shoes background generator
Shoes & Bags
a pair of shoes background generator

Your Ultimate AI-Driven Style Companion

Redefine the way photoshoots are conducted, pushing the boundaries of creativity, efficiency, and quality. With Wondershare VirtuLook, photographers can unlock new possibilities and elevate their work to unprecedented heights.

intuitive interface

VirtuLook AI photo creation

  • Multiple pre-sets and perfect prompt available
  • No physical studios or crews needed
  • No limits on images produced per day
  • Multi-scene shooting without leaving home

Traditional photoshoots

  • Hiring glam squads and photo crew
  • High setup costs with photo studios
  • A manual effort with long turnarounds
  • Limited ethnicity and body type diversity
traditional photographer

More Photo Clicks, Higher Conversion Rate

90% of online shoppers rely on imagery when making a purchase decision.
Without the right images - you are losing conversions. Luckily, you have Wondershare VirtuLook.

Boost social sharing and traffic

Visually appealing product imagery is more likely to be shared on social media and drives organic traffic.
social sharing improve

Reduce returns and refunds

Accurate and detailed images avoid misunderstandings about product appearance.
detailed lipstick image

Drive conversions and sales

Offer with more than one image can see a huge increase in impressions and clicks.
a cup of coffee with leaves

Here Is How AI Background Generator Works

  • ai background art
    Step 1: Upload your product image

    Select and upload the original photographed product image to upload.

  • ai background generator
    Step 2: Edit the image and set the scene

    Mask a specific area for the product, and select the scene generation mode. You can choose the preset scene from VirtuLook, or enter the keywords for the desired scene in the description box.

  • ai generation
    Step 3: Generate beautiful product images

    Click the Generate button to generate product images with different backgrounds.

upload image
edit product image
product image generation

Your Questions, Answered.

  • Is the feature suitable for different types of products and industries?
    Absolutely, the instant background generator serves various products and industries by offering versatile and customizable backdrop options.
  • It is designed with an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to quickly create and customize backgrounds with little to no learning curve.
  • The feature is typically cloud-based, requiring only an internet connection and a compatible web browser for usage.
  • Yes, the high-quality backgrounds are suitable for all marketing materials, including print and digital platforms.

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