Web browsing and plugins are beta features that ChatGPT recently introduced to their open AI to facilitate users' access to more current and relevant information. While it may sound like a complex addition, you can easily access chatGPT web browsing and plugin features. They help users source accurate, recent, and relevant information online without performing multiple Google searches and reviewing various articles or publications. Let's explore how you can use ChatGPT's latest additions.

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Is ChatGPT Web Free?

Chat GPT offers a free 3.5 version where users can input text prompts to generate relevant responses. However, the ChatGPT web browsing and plugin feature isn't free to use. It’s only available to Plus users. You'll need to upgrade your account to the plus version for $20 monthly to access web chat GPT.

Package Cost
ChatGPT 3.5 Free version $0
Access to GPT-3.5 model
Standard response speed
Regular model updates
ChatGPT 4.0 Plus version $20 per month
Access to GPT-4 model
Faster response speed
Exclusive access to beta features like browsing, plugins, and advanced data analysis

By subscribing to the web ChatGPT plus version, you can set up your web browsing and plugins by following the straightforward steps below.

How to Access ChatGPT Web Browsing Plugin

If you wish to enjoy the perks of the GPT web browsing plugin, you can do so today by upgrading your account to Plus and activating your web browsing features. Follow the steps below:

Steps to Set Up Your ChatGPT Web Browsing Plugin

Step 1: First, you need to subscribe to GPT Plus. To do so, log in to your chatGPT account and click "Upgrade to Plus" at the bottom left corner of your screen. Then, it will take you to another page; click the "Upgrade to Plus" button on the new page.

chatgpt web upgrade to plus
chatgpt web plus payment

Step 2: Next, input your payment details, and you'll make a concurrent payment of $20 per month for continuous access to the GPT chat web features. Once you make the first payment, the feature becomes available to you.

chatgpt web plus payment details

Step 3: The beta features are off by default, so you'll have to switch them on after making your payment. To do so, tap the three dots beside your name at the screen's bottom left corner and click on settings.

chatgpt web plus click dots
chatgpt web plus click settings

Step 4: Select the "Beta features" menu, then tap the toggle buttons beside "Web browsing" and "Plugins" to activate them.

chatgpt web plus beta activate features
chatgpt web plus beta features

Step 5: Once you complete these steps, the features are active, so you can exit your settings and use them.

How to Use ChatGPT Web Browsing And Plugin

ChatGPT Web Browsing

After activating the beta features, proceed to use the chat GPT web browser by completing the following steps:

Step 1: Begin a new chat in your chatGPT account. You can choose between the free GPT 3.5 version or GPT 4. Hover over GPT.4 and select the browsing beta option.

Note: You can choose the default if you use chatGPT as usual. The web ‘Browsing Beta’ feature is ideal for requiring more relevant and recent information.
chatgpt web plus hover gpt 4
chatgpt web plus web browsing

Step 2: To see web chat GPT in action, input your text prompts. You can include any kind of text query seeking to learn current and valuable information. Examples of text prompts you can input may consist of:

  • How have the Premier League matches been this season?
  • What are the cheapest flights to take around Europe?
  • What are the latest updates on AI technologies in 2023?
chatgpt web plus web search

As soon as you input your text prompts, web GPT chat gets to work, and you can see the search terms it uses, including the sites it visits, the links it clicks, and the content it reads to source for information.

Step 3: Within one to two minutes, web chat GPT will provide an organized text filled with relevant and current information, including citations. The small numbers you find in your text are citations, and once you click on them, it takes you to the web page where chat GPT gets the information.

chatgpt web plus web search result
Note: ChatGPT web does not guarantee or provide the original source of information. It simply pushes out promotional or statistical content from websites that best answer your query.

ChatGPT plugin is a different feature from web chat GPT browsing, so that you can learn the steps below.

ChatGPT Plugin

ChatGPT boasts over 70 plugins created by independent developers, not Open AI. To use any of the available plugins, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open a new chat with ChatGPT, hover over the GPT-4 option, and select "Plugins Beta."

chatgpt web plus hover plugin

Step 2: Tap the drop-down arrow below the GPT-4, and you'll see a "Plugin store" button. Click the button to access the Plugins library. When you find the one you wish to use, select the green 'Install' beside it to download. You can click next at the lower part of the page to see more plugins.

chatgpt web plus dropdown arrow
chatgpt web plus plugin store

Some examples of common ChatGPT plugins may include:

  • KAYAK: Finds flights, accommodation, and rental, including places you can visit within your budget.
  • DAIZY: Provides information on cyptos, stocks, and EFTS.
  • Visla: Helps user to generate short video content using public stock images.
  • Code Interpreter Plugin: Offer developers code interpretations.
  • Expedia: Helps users plan trips, including their stay and activities.
  • Klarna Shopping: Compares prices across online shops to provide you with the best options.

Step 3: After you install the plugins you like, they become active, so you can use them to generate relevant responses. For instance, you can input a prompt using your Visla plugin: “Create an informative video in a documentary style that talks about the pros and cons of AI for business in brick and mortar stores.” You can view the video using the link provided in the response.

chatgpt web plugin store create video

Step 4: You can scroll through the many options in the Plugin store and experiment with those you like. You can easily uninstall the ones that don’t tickle your fancy in a few seconds. You can also select the new tab in the Plugin store to access new additions to the library.


ChatGPT web browsing and plugins offer extra convenience for users seeking quick, reliable, and current information. By making a $20 monthly payment, you can sustain your Plus membership and access these Beta features. The free GPT 3.5 is impressive and can help to provide valuable answers. But, if you want to remain current with recent trends and happenings, exploring web chat GPT and plugin features is worth a try.


  • Is ChatGPT Web Browsing Similar To Using Google?
    The only similarity between ChatGPT web and Google is that you can input search terms or prompts in both. ChatGPT web browsing allows you to ask specific questions and get an organized, relevant text block to answer your query. But, using Google means you have to search through different websites and use varying search terms to find what's most relevant to you. ChatGPT web does all the work for you.
  • Does ChatGPT Offer a Free Trial for Web Browsing and Plugins?
    ChatGPT doesn't offer a free trial for web browsing and plugins. You need to upgrade your account to GPT Plus to access both features, and the subscription costs $20 per month.
  • Is There a Limit To Using ChatGPT Web?
    Web ChatGPT offers extensive answers to a variety of questions. Users of the Chat GPT 4 can send up to 50 messages or prompts within three hours. This limitation is to prevent misuse of the platform, and 50 messages in a three-hour time frame are usually sufficient for most users.
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