Artificial intelligence has introduced many possibilities to the world. It can write, draw, and sing on behalf of people. Recently, it was also given the power to produce photoshoots. Lalaland AI is one of the leading AI companies introducing this exceptional capability. Their AI can generate models of different shapes, sizes, and colors to show how fashion pieces fit unique individuals.

Recently, Lalaland partnered up with Levi's. The clothing brand can now provide shoppers with an easy way to see if their clothes fit them well. Lalaland is the brain behind all of this. In this article, you'll learn how Lalaland can do just that.

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    2. How Experts Think Lalaland's AI Will Change the Fashion Game

A Quick Introduction to Lalaland AI

This section will introduce Lalaland AI, an influential fashion generation tool.

History and Mission

Lalaland AI emerged from the visionary minds of two young entrepreneurs. They are driven by an unwavering urge to challenge the status quo in the fashion industry. Their journey began with a simple yet powerful mission. This is to see more representation and inclusivity in fashion.

Michael Musandu and Ugnius Rimsa founded the company. They are passionate about using neural networks to generate images through machine learning. They collaborated with an incubator that supports university projects to commercialize their idea.

The Key Product: Artificial Intelligence of Full-Body Virtual Supermodels

At the heart of Lalaland AI's groundbreaking work lies its key product. These are artificial intelligence-driven full-body virtual supermodels. Their cutting-edge avatars are designed to emulate real human models. The driving goal behind this is to inspire inclusion.

The technology used by Lalaland AI allows the creation of realistic models. They can portray every body type, age, size, and skin tone. Through the years, individual supermodels showcased fashion pieces. With this innovation, every person will be able to feel included.

lalaland ai steps to create models

Recent Works and Partnerships: Collaborating With Levi's and Beyond

Lalaland's goal to be inclusive and sustainable drew widespread recognition. It led to the recognition of several presses and partnerships with fashion brands. Their recent collaboration with Levi's, the iconic denim company, has drawn significant attention.

With the help of Lalaland, Levi's aims to diversify its online shopping experience. They will use AI-generated models showing different body types, sizes, and skin tones. Integrating Lalaland AI's virtual supermodels will complement real human models. The result is a more personal and inclusive shopping experience.

Beyond Levi's, Lalaland AI continues to work with various fashion brands and retailers. The company is empowering them with their unique technology. One of the goals is to free brands from the cost of photoshoots. In return, they can move to their mission of promoting diversity.

Sustainable Impact and Ongoing Evolution:

Lalaland AI's commitment to social impact is central to its business philosophy. They view their technology as a means to stimulate diversity within the fashion industry. The company embraces curiosity and maintains a solution-oriented mindset. Lalaland AI is always striving to improve and innovate.

Their love for learning and adaptability enables them to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies. Lalaland wants to continue to lead the charge in revolutionizing fashion representation.

How Lalaland Is Changing the Fashion Game

As mentioned earlier, Lalaland focuses on providing fashion brands with AI tools to promote inclusivity and diversity. AI image generation is at the core of Lalaland's services. It generates models representing real humans regardless of shape, size, or skin tone. This way, brands can create virtual models to try on their clothes.

Fueled by their passion for promoting inclusivity, Lalaland AI created an inclusive and diverse AI tool. Their goal is to inspire fashion brands to join their transformative movement. The AI models can be used for any purpose, but it's best applied to online stores. Traditionally, people will only see the clothes on select models with select sizes. Thanks to this technology, brands should now be able to showcase them to different people.


However, such fantastic technology comes with a price. Check out the different pricing options of Lalaland AI if you want to apply their tech to your business:

  • Freemium (5 renders per month and 1 model per size)
  • Business – US $600 (Unlimited models, complexions, and 50 renders per month)
  • Enterprise – US $900 (Unlimited renders per month)
  • Custom – Custom pricing based on business needs

The fees may seem hefty, but you can have a free trial. Either way, paying for an application that creates photoshoots for you is cheaper in the long run. You can also try out other AI image-generation tools like Wondershare VirtuLook. It will be mentioned later in this article.

How Experts Think Lalaland's AI Will Change the Fashion Game

The fashion industry has long been criticized for its lack of model diversity. Moreover, it's also criticized for the environmental impact of high return rates. However, the winds of change are blowing. Lalaland AI, a groundbreaking startup, is poised to lead the transformation.

Experts believe that Lalaland AI has the potential to change the fashion industry. Explore the potential changes that Lalaland can bring to the fashion world.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

Lalaland AI's primary mission is to address the need for more diversity in fashion models. By using AI, diverse digital models representing various ethnicities, ages, and body sizes are generated. This approach challenges the traditional idea of "dream" models. It also lets customers see how products look on their unique body types. As a result, fashion can become more inclusive and accessible as an industry.

two ai models generated by lalaland

💳Personalizing the Shopping Experience

Imagine uploading a selfie and inputting measurements. Then, you see yourself as an avatar wearing the latest fashion trends. Lalaland AI's vision for the future involves creating personalized shopping experiences. This level of personalization changes how consumers interact with fashion online.

Customers can now confidently make purchases, knowing how the garments will fit and flatter their bodies. This reduces the likelihood of returns. This enhances customer satisfaction and reduces the environmental impact of excessive returns, a pressing concern for the fashion industry.

🌍Reducing Environmental Waste

The fashion industry's high return rates contribute significantly to environmental waste. Unsold clothing often goes unused. This results in enormous tons of waste annually. Lalaland AI's personalized approach directly addresses this issue.

The AI gives customers a realistic preview of how a garment will look on them. With this, the startup aims to reduce returns. Of course, the waste that comes with it is also lessened. It is a shift towards more responsible and sustainable consumer behavior. The growing demands for eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry are also addressed.

💰Cost-Efficiency for Brands

Traditional fashion brands face substantial costs and logistical challenges. Shooting multiple sizes and ethnicities for their marketing campaign can cost money. Lalaland AI offers an innovative solution by replacing the need for frequent photoshoots with AI-generated models.

This cost-efficient approach uses diverse virtual models to avoid extra expenses. Brands can now focus their resources on designing and producing various collections.

Bonus: VirtuLook - Powerful AI Model Clothing Generator

Wondershare VirtuLook is another powerful and innovative tool that generates magic for product images. At its core, this technology utilizes a range of features to create stunning clothing photos on AI models. One of its focuses is to elevate the e-commerce experience. Explore the fundamental abilities that make Wondershare VirtuLook a game-changer in the world of image generators:

  • AI Background Generator: At the heart of Wondershare VirtuLook lies the AI Background Generator, bestowing the tool with its magical powers. This feature automatically generates captivating product images based on specific scenes. For instance, AI models can effortlessly showcase clothing from simple product photos, providing a dynamic and realistic representation.
  • AI Try-on Model: Generate product images with different ai try-on models wearing the product. AI models can effortlessly showcase clothing from simple product photos, providing a dynamic and realistic representation.

How To Generate Fashion Models With VirtuLook

Along with Lalaland AI, Wondershare VirtuLook is determined to redefine the fashion industry. It features a powerful AI fashion model generator that you can use for your business. Upload your product's photos, and it will generate models that will wear them.

Follow the steps in this section to generate them.

Step 1: Go to Wondershare VirtuLook homepage. Click SIGN UP FOR FREE and create an account. Then click Get Started to start ai image generation.

virtulook sign up

Step 2: Click Try-on generation once you're in. Tap Step 1. to upload the product image. Then, click Step 2 to edit the image. It will ask you to select the product part that needs to remain unchanged. If confirmed, click OK to continue.

upload image to tryon generation field

Step 3: Now, you can customize the AI model for this product with the settings provided on the working field. Click Cast the Spell to generate the image.

customize the ai model

Step 3: The next step is to edit the background. Several background templates are prepared on the right panel for you to choose. You also can select Custom Editing to customize it on your own.

customize the product background

Step 4: It will take seconds to complete the image generation process. After that, you can find the rename option from the top of the image. And you can find the options to download and collect the file by putting the mouse on the image.

Wondershare VirtuLook image generation page


Lalaland AI's tools provide a way to generate fashion model images. These are professional-grade photos made without the need for photoshoots. That means people can see their desired clothes in any shape or size. The goal of the company is to promote diversity and inclusivity.

Many companies follow suit as Lalaland.AI leads the charge in such a movement. The phenomenon will result in a fashion industry that's accessible to all people. Part of this movement is Wondershare VirtuLook, a cheaper yet powerful alternative to Lalaland AI. Give it a try if you want to experience the power of image-generation tools.

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