Backgrounds mean the world to any website owner. They are vital elements of every webpage on your website and can do wonders for your website’s loading speed. On the other hand, they can also disrupt your web design and slow down your page load time.

Though you can create SEO-friendly and aesthetically pleasing backgrounds for your web design needs using background generators, there are thousands of options to choose from online. Some are user-friendly, and others are overly complicated.

Since not all of them are created equal, it might become tedious and time-consuming to check them out. Instead, focus on your preferred design to determine which online generator to use. This guide will help you find an ideal background CSS gradient generator.

In this article
  1. Importance of CSS Background Generators in Ecommerce
  2. Top CSS Background Generators
    1. MagicPattern CSS Pattern Generator
    2. CSS Gradient Background Generator
    3. BGJar
    4. Haikei
    5. Hero Patterns
    6. SVG Backgrounds
  3. Other AI Tools You Can Use for CSS Web Development
    1. Image Generation Tools
    2. Design Automation AI
    3. Content Generation AI
    4. Testing Tools
  4. Bonus: Background Generators for Product Photography hot

Importance of CSS Background Generators in Ecommerce

gradient background css generator

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a straightforward solution for adding style to website backgrounds and web-based documents. You can add anything from spacing to colors, fonts, etc. CSS is also one of the most popular coding languages for editing HTML documents by describing the display order of essential HTML elements.

Because of these traits, CSS can be valuable for adding flair to your ecommerce website. It allows you to add effects and unique patterns to your webpage backgrounds to make your e-store more appealing to online shoppers.

However, adding these web design elements to your ecommerce platform requires writing many code lines to make your changes look stylish, up-to-date, and eye-pleasing. Though many frameworks can streamline writing CSS code, handling and managing them takes time and effort.

There’s where CSS background generators come into the picture. These tools simplify coding to help you boost your productivity by making your web pages more attractive and engaging. HTML structures your website by organizing the content on your web pages, including text, headlines, images, etc.

CSS, on the other hand, defines how your website looks. It determines the positioning, appearance, and design of all web elements on your ecommerce platform. For example, CSS is in charge of web navigation on your site.

It helps you position CTA and other essential buttons all over your website. Carefully curated CSS backgrounds can give your business a memorable and recognizable brand image to which your target audience can relate.

CSS background generators allow you to make swift changes to your website’s design to make it as fast, transparent, appealing, and customer-centric as possible while saving time, effort, and resources.

Top CSS Background Generators

Here’s a short overview of the top six CSS background generators to consider.

1.MagicPattern CSS Pattern Generator

magic pattern css generator background tool

Many users generally consider MagicPattern the best CSS background generator. It offers top-grade generator modes, including social media posts, free noise, doodle backgrounds, and blob generator.

You can rely on these modes to create diverse background patterns for your website according to type, color, orientation, and size. In addition, MagicPattern is pretty user-friendly. You can generate backgrounds by selecting the preferred pattern type and customizing parameters like color gradients and RGB values.

MagicPattern allows you to download your patterns and save them in JPG, SVG, or PNG formats or add them to your CSS file by copying and pasting the code.

2.CSS Gradient Background Generator

background css gradient generator tool

The CSS Gradient background generator is the perfect tool if you need excellent radial and linear background gradients.

Thanks to its exceptionally user-friendly interface, CSS Gradient allows you to create an immersive website background using intuitive builder tools, such as:

  • Gradient direction tweaker
  • Radial/linear switching
  • Gradient presets
  • Burst point adder

CSS Gradient provides a rich library of pre-designed gradient swatches that you can apply to backgrounds and text content on your web pages. Simply copy the code on the website and paste it into your CSS container.


bgjar css background generator

BGJar is a user-friendly gradient background CSS generator that enables you to create background patterns, templates, and images using various input types. You can choose from many pre-designed templates with different color patterns or tap into customization options to build your backgrounds.

All it takes to get started is to choose the pattern type you desire and custom-tailor it according to your needs. BGJar will automatically create a new, downloadable, and shareable background that you can save in multiple formats (CSS code included). In addition, BGJar gives you additional effects you can add to your patterns, such as linear gradients.


haikei background gradient css generator

If you need an easy-to-use online tool for generating immersive and simple background patterns for your web pages, Haikei should be on your radar. Aside from simplifying the process, Haikei is a free online CSS background generator.

Simply input the preferred background and select the color pattern you desire. Haikei will generate a downloadable image according to your input. You can customize the background image by adding colors or changing the pattern’s density.

5.Hero Patterns

hero patterns css gradient background generator

Hero Patterns gives you access to many modern website background patterns that work for most website owners. You can choose from animals, nature, and other themes that match your web design style.

You can personalize pre-made pattern templates using available opacity options and color schemes. You use Hero Patterns by selecting a pattern, changing the opacity, and adding colors. Then, you generate the code and apply it to your CSS. Do you know what’s crazy? Hero Patterns is an entirely free CSS background generator.

6.SVG Backgrounds

svg backgrounds css gradient generator background tool

The SVG Backgrounds tool empowers you to sophisticate your web design by adding finesse and fine details. It works with vector-based SVG files, allowing you to maintain design sharpness and clarity even if you zoom in.

You can use SVG Backgrounds to modify web design shapes by changing parameters on the website, such as pattern positioning, gradients, colors, etc.

Other AI Tools You Can Use for CSS Web Development

css background generators for web development

If these six CSS background generators don’t fit the bill, here are some AI-powered alternatives to help you get ahead of CSS web development.

Image Generation Tools

Image generators are AI-powered tools that streamline the process of creating immersive, optimized, and crisp images for websites. They require text inputs to generate high-quality visuals according to your requirements in mere seconds.

Some of the best AI tools for web development include:

  • Canva – enjoy AI-powered background templates and design suggestions, customization options, and image editing;
  • Elementor – create custom templates to customize website backgrounds;
  • Uizard – convert HTML to CSS and vice versa and use design iteration.

Design Automation AI

Design automation AI tools do what their name suggests—automating web design. They help you analyze customer preferences, enhance creative assets, and optimize the work processes of creating immersive website backgrounds.

More importantly, you can train them using AI-powered training models to determine essential visual assets for the best CSS web development practices. With the proper selection of design automation AI tools, you can automatically generate multiple background templates using design features and ideation tools.

Some of the best design automation AI tools to consider include,, Adobe Sensei, Fronty, and Khroma.

Content Generation AI

AI-generated content is the latest trend in modern-day web development. Cutting-edge content generation AI tools can create immersive and realistic images from any text input you provide. They leverage the power of AI-based text and image processing to turn your prompt into a photorealistic visual.

Content generation AI tools help you create unique, top-notch backgrounds seamlessly. Most offer unlimited background templates to empower your CSS web development efforts. The leading AI tools for content generation include Fotor, PhotoRoom, Piscart, Imagic, Stock AI, and Lexica.

Testing Tools

If you’re trying to automate as many web development processes as possible, you’ll need AI-powered testing tools for test automation. The first benefit of using these tools is the ease of maintenance.

Since most tools come with automation suites, they provide access to thousands of test scripts with built-in self-healing capabilities. In other words, testing tools help you forget about maintaining hundreds of test scripts.

In a digital business landscape, website requirements tend to change frequently, and coping with these changes isn’t easy, even for skilled web developers. Fortunately, you can quickly test multiple web backgrounds before deployment to ensure maximum uptime.

Bonus: Background Generators for Product Photography


Product images can make or break your business in a highly visual digital business landscape. Since product photography helps you showcase your products online, it can impact your website traffic and sales. Background generators for product photography can help you optimize your website backgrounds across all web pages to ensure optimal page load times.

However, creating fully optimized and up-to-date web images requires time, expertise, and resources. That’s where AI-powered image generators like Wondershare VirtuLook come into the picture.

Wondershare VirtuLook helps you create top-quality product photos by defining your requirements and providing sample product images. It takes only a few steps to generate pictures with Wondershare VirtuLook. Here’s how.

Step 1: Upload a sample product photo.

upload a sample product photo

Press the Try It Free button below to enter Wondershare Virtulook, sign up and log into your account. Navigate the tool’s interface to Product Photo Generation and click the Click to upload sign to upload a product photo.

Step 2: Customize and edit your photo.

customize and edit your photo

In the Magic Room, locate the Using Template tab, you can select the Generate Number, Size, Output resolution, and Background in the right of the panel. You can also choose Custom Editing to generate a suitable scene for your product .

Step 3: Generate a new image.

customize and edit your photo

Once you complete your edits, click Cast the Spell to generate the image.


This guide contains some of the best CSS background generators that can easily match all your web design and development needs, regardless of your preferences.

They can help you save time, effort, and resources and ensure you don’t lose customers to downtime and poor SEO and web design practices.

More importantly, they can help you learn a thing or two about modern web design and the best way to attract prospects to your ecommerce website.

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Jeff Johnson Aug 16, 23
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